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Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well.

I just wanted to let you all know about my affiliate link to Yoni Pleasure Palace:


I am currently travelling so its hard for me to sell my own Yoni Egg crystals, so instead to make things easier I partnered with Yon Pleasure Palace, to share with you one of the best healing tools that I LOVE!!

If you’re new here and you haven’t read my previous posts on Yoni Eggs, check them out below:

Some of my favourite crystals:

*** Or go and purchase my YoniVerse EBook YoniVerse EBook which covers EVERYTHING in one PDF 🙂

Content Table for the Ebook:

  • Introduction to Yoni Eggs. 4
  • What are Yoni Eggs?. 4
  • Brief History. 5
  • Different Crystals & Their Benefits. 10
  • Black Obsidian. 10
  • Amethyst 12
  • Rose Quartz. 13
  • Agate. 15
  • Red agate. 17
  • Clear quartz. 18
  • Green Aventurine. 20
  • Yoni Power 22
  • Falling Out 22
  • Stuck. 23
  • Common Q&As. 24
  • Why Use Yoni eggs?. 24
  • Are they safe?. 24
  • Which Yoni Egg is right for me?. 24
  • What stone to start with?. 25
  • Unsafe Eggs for your Yoni 26
  • Would it affect my monthly cycle?. 26
  • Can I use my egg during my pregnancy?. 26
  • Which size shall I buy?. 27
  • Shall I buy drilled or undrilled?. 27
  • Would it affect my monthly cycle?. 28
  • How it can enhance fertility?. 28
  • Can I have sex with my egg inside of me?. 28
  • What kind of string should I use if I buy a drilled one?. 29
  • How to know if it’s real?. 29
  • How long should it stay?. 29
  • How long until you see its effects?. 30
  • How long should you work with one stone?. 30
  • How do I insert my egg?. 31
  • How do I clean my eggs?. 31
  • What do I do if it falls off?. 32
  • When should I wear my yoni eggs?. 33
  • How to charge them?. 33
  • How to use & track your progress?. 34
  • Myths. 35

Have a beautiful day everyone,

Arwa Ali – Certified Usui, Karuna, Atlantian Reiki & Lemurian Light Master & Teacher.  MRes Psychology Graduate, Nutritional Therapist, Card Reader & Blogger.




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