Below are some testimonials from my clients 🙂


Reiki & Card Reading

“Dear Arwa. As a first timer doing the reiki session I really felt very safe. You created an environment that allowed me to be calm before I even started. During the the session it’s self I felt different sensation and energies throughout my body which was very interesting. And what you said was really confirming essential details about my well being. You your spot on with my current state and you gave advise there after. More over when we did the card reading it literally confirmed what the came out of the reiki session. Thank you Arwa for such amazing and good teary experience”. 

Gloria, Teacher

Birth Chart

“Hello all lovely soul, I am Ranjit kaur,  I want to share my experience about birth chart reading did by Arwa, great person, she did my birthchart reading it was so authentic and accurate, specially the segment of north pole and south pole reading, it’s very wonderful. I am a healer, I really like the reading of birth chart. People who want to know their soul path,  life purpose they should take birthchart readings from her,  she is wonderful person.  Guides you accurately.  Please make her part of your life  get the guidelines in your life.  Thank you Arwa god blesses you with abundance.”

By Ranjeet, Healer Based in India, does card reading, Past life regression, different forms of healing.



“Arwa gave me some distant reiki recently and it was powerful. I felt her presence after a few minutes and went into a relaxed state . Afterwards Arwa told me which of my chakras were strong and which were out of balance and she then gave me some great practical advice about how to bring them into balance. She is a powerful practitioner as well as an understanding compassionate person and I would highly recommend her services.”


“Wow what can I say . I asked Arwa for a reading on relationships and what followed changed my life . The reading made things very clear to me and gave me the confidence to feel ready and ask for love . 3 days after my reading I met somebody . In the circumstances which Arwa told me about during the reading . It was incredible. I will always go to Arwa for a reading and I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you so much for love and support always X “

By Laura, Card reader, Blogger & Youtuber – https://greengypsyblog.wordpress.com/



“Dear Arwa,

Here’s my feeling of  reiki. 

How to describe that. That’s a good experience for me to try that. And I’m glad i tried it. Before I tried reiki, i had no idea of it. i didn’t do any ‘homework’ of that. Professional Arwa asked me to lie down on the bed and try my best to relax my body. Maybe because i was tired around these days or the weather is good. It was a sunny day or because of reiki. I felt comfortable and relaxed to lie on the bed and a little bit nervous, a bunch of curious. I tried to ask Arwa what’s the feedback of others. She didn’t tell me cause she didn’t want me to have the expectation. That’s so professional. Then i smelt something, like moxibustion. To be honest, i think the smell is too strong to me. After that i smelt another good one, like flowers. i did like it a lot. it made me fall asleep. When Arwa did the reiki to me, i felt someone touched me but not. i did both face-up and face-down. i preferred face-down, more comfortable. About 15 mins later, Arwa finished the reiki, she asked me the feedback about that. i told her and she explained what she scanned from my body. Because i had totally no idea of it. She didn;t explain all of it, only simple one. And to me, curiousness is.  more important and i wanna try more new things. I think if i have time or have the chance,I wanna learn more about reiki. By the way, i had a good sleep that night.


By Sky, Teaching Manager


Card Reading

Hello Arwa, thank you so much for the reading it really provided me with some much needed clarity on an issue in currently dealing with, it also reaffirmed that I need to focus on myself in order to open myself up to love. It really just reaffirmed things I need to release and things to focus on. Thank you.

By Vee, Teacher


If interested in any of the services please get in touch via email arwa-992@live.com or instagram @arwaali5

  • $30 = Reiki  for an hour – for more information, click here.
  • $15  = Card Readings – for more information, click here.
  • $40 = Birth Chart Reports – for more information, click here.
  • $30 = North & South Node – for more information, click here.
  • $30  = Holistic Nutritional Therapist – for more information, click here.

Have a beautiful day everyone,

Arwa – Reiki Master Practitioner, Cert. Natural Healer. Psychology Graduate, Holistic Nutritional Therapist, Card Reader & Blogger.



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