My Services

Hey everyone I just wanted to share with you more services I will be offering online. I’ve written a blog post in January (check it out here) sharing with you that I will be offering:

  • Yoni Eggs – $55
  • Birth chart report (including South & North Node report) – $55
  • South & North Node Report (if you already know your birth chart but not your S&N Nodes) – $40
  • Human Design Report Foundation – $40 &
  • Human Design Advanced report (includes foundation) – $55
  • Numerology report – $55
  • **Package (Numerology, Birth chart (including S&N nodes & FULL Human design) –  $150 

I will continue to offer the above along with the following:

*** Testimonial Page from my clients, click here.

*** All reports will be delivered within a week 🙂 look forward to hear from you.

Have a beautiful day everyone,

Arwa – Reiki Master Practitioner, Cert. Natural Healer. Psychology Graduate, Holistic Nutritional Therapist, Card Reader & Blogger.


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  1. Laura Lion says:

    Looks amazing . So proud of you X X x


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