2 Ingredients Hair Mask for Instant shine!

Morning beautiful people 🙂

Today I am sharing a quick, simple & hassle free 2 ingredient shar mask you will love!!!

I am just going to keep this post short & sweet & dive into it!

So what are the 2 ingredients you ask:

  • Honey (** Vegan option? you can actually use MAPLE SYRUP!!)
  • & Coconut oil

You know I like to justify my reasons for using my ingredients & so here you have it…

  • Honey: it helps regulate & retain moisture in hair, plus it strengthen the hair follicles for healthy growth.
  • Maple Syrup: acts the same like honey – just please make sure you’re use real maple syrup and not that high fructose fake stuff!
  • Coconut oil: coconut oil stimulates hair growth, promotes a healthier scalp, fights against lice & dandruff & adds instant shine & moisture to your hair. Not to mention, it prevents hair breakage, split ends & contributes to hair length.

You hair looking dull, dry & super damaged! & your about to spent the morning working from home? then mix the these 2 ingredients together & apply it on you hair for at least 30mins!





I personally leave it for as long as I can, prior to washing it that same day 🙂

*** I haven’t tried the maple syrup version but if anyone here did, please let me know your results! 🙂

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Your hair is absolutely beautiful. Do you think this mask will work on 4c hair? Great post, liked and subscribed.
    Check out my blog sometime? https://noirerewritten.com


    1. Arwa says:

      thank you soo much! 🙂 & I am sure it will, one way to find out 😉 & let me know if you like it XXX


  2. The hair mask seems amazing for dry hairs . Need to try it !!


    1. Arwa says:

      it really is, but I think we all have times when our hair goes dry and loses it shine! & I think this really work to bring it back with just 2 ingredients 🙂 Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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